North Mountain offers two types of residency programs:

  • Our individual program supports up to three residents. Residents are selected from a public, open call and reviewed by a jury.

  • Our group program supports up to six residents. Residents are drawn by collaboration with an external organization.

We offer comfortable living and studio space, access to large wooded and open outdoor areas. We provide assistance with research and documentation, as well as small group critiques & studio visits, and simple bread making skills. During their time in residence, we hope residents will:

  • make meaningful steps in their practice that they may not otherwise make
  • engage in critical conversation with fellow residents and staff
  • allow new material found on site to interfere with their anticipated results
  • interact with the ecologies & cultures of West Virginia’s Eastern Panhandle

Because of our small size and rural location, residents must be excited by living in a temporary community of as few as three people, including staff.

Residency sessions & deadlines

We offer residency sessions from May through September. Prospective residents should apply by March 1 to be considered for the year’s residency season.


We invite applications from individuals and small groups working in all types of creative practices. We expect each resident to arrive with a motivated, self-driven practice. Projects to be developed at the residency could be in progress, in draft or sketch form, or only in theory. Residents are chosen based on the clarity and sincerity of their proposal, their commitment to past projects, and the how their proposal fits with the values and capabilities of North Mountain.


We ask for a fee of $100 per resident per week to help cover the costs of the residency program, which include housekeeping and administration work, utilities, household supplies, taxes, and insurance. This fee is on a sliding scale; no one who has been accepted will be turned away for lack of funds. Similarly, residents may contribute more to help cover the costs of fellow or future residents.

A work trade may be possible, depending on a resident’s relevant skills and experience.

Residents are responsible for their own expenses for travel, food, studio materials, and personal items.

Application & selection process

In January, we issue our our open call for applications, with details of our season schedule. We publish this open call via social media, our mailing list, and residency directories such as Alliance of Artist Communities, TransArtists, and ResArtis. We collect applications until March 1, when we close our open application.

In early March, we select submitted applications that are most suitable for North Mountain’s environment, capabilities, and values. We present those applications to a small committee of artists, curators, gallerists, and critics who understand and support North Mountain’s mission. The committee meets together in person to view and discuss the applications. (Members are paid a nominal honorarium for their work.)

We create a tentative schedule of residents for the season, according to feedback from the review committee, scheduling preferences stated in the applications, and available studios/space. We notify accepted applicants to confirm that they will be able to attend. Applicants that are not selected are placed on a waiting list. All applicants are provided feedback from the review committee and staff.

We ask accepted applicants for certain personal/medical information, a signed agreement to terms and conditions of the residency, a signed waiver of liability, and payment of agreed-upon residency fees. Applicants may return this information by email or by postal mail. Once this information is received, the applicant is confirmed as a resident for the season.

Life as a North Mountain resident

A few weeks before each residency session, we contact the residents who will be sharing the space during that time, introduce them to each other, and provide any pertinent information about their session. We answer questions about supplies they might need to bring or order to have shipped to the site. We coordinate travel arrangements if needed.

If previously arranged, we pick up residents from transit hubs (i.e., airport or bus/train station). On the way back to North Mountain, we stop at a grocery store if needed.

For each residency session, all residents generally arrive and depart at the same time. Upon arrival, we assist each resident in moving into their personal & studio space, and help them understand the common space and the surrounding land. We provide a walking tour of the property, as well as a shared meal.

During each session, a staff member lives onsite to manage the property, assist residents, and, if needed, facilitate and connect to the local community. Residents are invited to attend occasional group events and outings.

Near the end of each session, we schedule a brief studio visit for each resident. We interview each resident to learn the story of their experience in a brief text and documentary photographs. This is posted to our news page shortly after the residency session.

At the conclusion of each session, we ask residents to help clean and restore the personal, studio, and common spaces for the next group of residents. We request that residents complete a feedback form to help North Mountain understand how the residency helped their creative process, and how we could improve. We also ask that residents write notes to future residents in the community journal.

Residents are welcome to share their own experience on social media while in residency at North Mountain. Posts may be tagged with #northmountainresidency on Instagram. However, to maintain the privacy of fellow residents and staff, please ask permission before posting anything that might reveal personal information.