The deadline for applying to this year’s residency season is March 1, 2017. Prospective residents should submit an application by this date to be considered. If you’ve missed the deadline and would still like to apply, please request to be added to our waiting list.

We will evaluate all submitted applications shortly after the deadline. North Mountain has limited space, and not all applicants can be accepted. See the eligibility requirements for further details.

We accept applications by email to Please respond directly to each of the following questions. Feel free to answer with as much detail as you prefer. If you would like a downloadable version of the application, see our RTF file here.

  1. Who are you? Name, email address, and where you live (city, state/province, country).

  2. What creative fields and practices do you work in? Describe a recent project.

  3. What is the nature of the work that you hope to carry out at North Mountain? Perhaps you are looking for time to explore a practice or medium; start a new project; or continue or finish an existing project.

  4. Why is a residency important to your practice at this time?

  5. What drew you specifically to the North Mountain residency program?

  6. North Mountain aims to be more accessible to people of different backgrounds. If you like, please share any demographic or personal information that might be relevant. For details, read about our values.

  7. What kind of working environment do you prefer? Please include particular tools, equipment, or studio configurations that you may need or want to work with.

  8. Which residency session do you prefer? See Residency details for schedule. If possible, provide several choices in order of preference.

  9. How did you hear about North Mountain?

  10. Please provide five examples of current work, as well as a resume/CV. You may attach documents to your email, or include links from public websites or private filesharing services like Dropbox.