North Mountain acknowledges the inequity that exists in art fields and creative professions. We feel we must take mindful and resolute steps to help undo structural inequities that come with the territories we’ve inherited. For these reasons we try our best to extend our resources to people from communities that have been oppressed or marginalized. Read more about our values.

North Mountain is a residency program that supports creative practices by encouraging research, conversation, and risk-taking.

We are located in the Appalachian mountains of West Virginia, not far from Washington, DC. We provide comfortable studio and living space for variable residency durations. Residents have access to large outdoor wooded & open areas, research assistance, small group critiques & studio visits, and simple bread making skills. While on site, residents are encouraged to engage in the ecologies & cultures of West Virginia’s Eastern Panhandle.

We invite applications from individuals and small groups working in all types of creative practices.

Apply for our 2017 season

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